Zoned Present

Archival satellite images | Metal, wood structure, electronics

Zoned Present is a work series that responds to the human construction and intersection of time zones. This project uses an antenna to receive signals from satellites travelling beyond earth’s atmosphere.

These orbiting satellites are known to use GMT (UTC) as its standardised time. In this sense, the concept of time breaks into fragments, as each satellite orbits in outer space, where there is not a clear definition of time zones. At the ground, I attempt to receive a series of satellite images broadcasted from weather satellites (NOAA 15, NOAA 18) in a remote GMT time zone in space, and at the same time take a series of photos of the sky.

Depending on which time zone we are located in, these satellites reflect a picture which could have been taken from the past, present, or future. Juxtaposing images from the ground and from the sky, I interconnect two perspectives that look for each other but cannot see each other; at the same time corss-refference a defining moment of «present».