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Weng Wei Hsiang is a media artist and researcher currently based between Taipei, TW and London, UK. His practice investigates the intersection between artificial and natural systems to examine how we, as humans, share, co-produce and sense time and space. Employing materials such as air, light, sound, and data, he constructs devices, situations, and experimental set-ups within spatial and landscape settings. These set-ups often play the role of both observer and creator, mediating our perspectives of dynamic situations and living systems, and the relationships create a dissonance that leads to unpredictable outcomes which test how physical movement, sensory engagement and the interaction of the body and brain influence our perception of our environment.


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Mountain Language

Performance | In collaboration with director- Chen Shihying, interaction design- Weng Wei Hsiang
1 h 30 mins

Mountain Language was created by English playwright Harold Pinter after his visit to Turkey in 1985, where he witnessed the government’s oppression of the Kurdish people. Collaborating with director Chen Shihying, a surveillance system is implemented during the performance, with the performers using a special detection device to randomly inspect the audience who are also on the stage. If the device picks up any abnormalities or metal reactions, it will make sharp, uncomfortable noises and also flash with bright, blinding light. The signals also prompt the lighting on location to respond, recreating feelings of threat, oppression and violence depicted in the script.

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