Observation | 21 May, 2020, 07:25-11:20 GMT
Central London, UK

Crystallised structure | Metal solution, Electronics, Data

Over Here, Over There

Our increasing demand for interconnected networks such as the Internet of Things (IoT) brings on the redistribution of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible and covering our environment. The technological ambition of the IoT was intended to interlink between us and other artificial systems in order to communicate, and to control. When a signal/message is sent out, what else does it contact?

In this project, directional antennas connected with containers of liquid metal were set up within an urban environment. Each of the setups is able to receive the electromagnetic field propagating through space at a given time. Depending on the fluid volume of electromagnetism, the liquid metal self-evolve and organise accordingly into crystallised structures. Resembling in some way like a growing plant, this microenvironment subtly grown out of information that is randomly fed by human intervened ambient condition.

Antenna used to detect electromagnetic waves

 Crystal morphology from 9:13 - 10:42 - 11:03