Exploiting the intersections between human and nature to examine how we share, co-produce and sense time and space, Weng Wei Hsiang produces unique relationships with his sculptures and installations. Employing materials such as light, sound, and data, he constructs devices, situations, and experimental set-ups within spatial and landscape setting. These set-ups often play the role of both observer and creator, providing limited perspectives of dynamic situations and living systems, and the relationships create a dissonance that leads to unpredictable outcomes which test how physical movement, sensory engagement and the interaction of the body and brain influence our perception of our environment.

Wei Hsiang was awarded Kaohsiung Arts Award and was one of the artists selected to take part at Reshaping History – China Youth New Art; in addition, he has also been invited to the Asian Art Biennial and The Avant/Garde Diaries Taipei by Mercedes-Benz. He is currently living and working in the UK.