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Weng Wei Hsiang is a media artist and researcher currently based between Taipei, TW and London, UK. His practice investigates the intersection between artificial and natural systems to examine how we, as humans, share, co-produce and sense time and space. Employing materials such as air, light, sound, and data, he constructs devices, situations, and experimental set-ups within spatial and landscape settings. These set-ups often play the role of both observer and creator, mediating our perspectives of dynamic situations and living systems, and the relationships create a dissonance that leads to unpredictable outcomes which test how physical movement, sensory engagement and the interaction of the body and brain influence our perception of our environment.


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Phaedra's Love

Performance | In collaboration with Yang's Ensemble, interaction design- Weng Wei Hsiang
1 h 40 mins

Phaedra’s Love by iconic English playwright Sarah Kane tells of moral taboos on love and desire involving members of the royal family. Multiple cameras are used by Weng Weihsian during this collaborative performance with Yang's Ensemble, including the use of a drone that moved and monitored everything that takes place on location during the performance. Images captured from the surveillance are then played at real-time on multiple screens. The play’s depictions of entangled desires, moral issues, sex and power struggles, and the suppressed and high-pressure mental conditions inside the royal family that are exposed for the public to see and presented through the use of images, modern technology, and symbolic metaphors.