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Space as a Limit

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Rethinking Environmental Sensing with Aerocene
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Mountain Language


Weng Wei Hsiang is a media artist and researcher currently based between Taipei, TW and London, UK. His practice investigates the intersection between artificial and natural systems to examine how we, as humans, share, co-produce and sense time and space. Employing materials such as air, light, sound, and data, he constructs devices, situations, and experimental set-ups within spatial and landscape settings. These set-ups often play the role of both observer and creator, mediating our perspectives of dynamic situations and living systems, and the relationships create a dissonance that leads to unpredictable outcomes which test how physical movement, sensory engagement and the interaction of the body and brain influence our perception of our environment.


© Copyright Weng Wei Hsiang 2022


Sonic installation | Tape recorder, fluorescent tubes, Mechanical systems, metal structure, program
Dimensions variable
30 x 30 x 30 m

Loop consists of a 60-minute long sound track recorded on a tape recorder that has been mixed with noice and sound captured from the environment. Applying a special program, it is played and played back in normal, fast, or slow speeds. Depending on the speed and the time of how the sounds are played in forward progression or in reverse, an installation consisting of 12 independent lighting units is simultaneously activated, as the light installation kicks into motion along with time’s linear progression, going from congregating, to elevating and then dispersing in totality. It mimics the progression of time in nature, and further blurs and rewrites how we perceive and measure time based on the regular changes taking place in the environment. This artwork sees time as a human concept and offers a perceptual experience that extends from reality.

Loop is a project proposed for The Avant/Garde Diaries, a global exhibition organized by Mercedes Benz. With music chosen as the theme for the project’s endeavor in Taiwan, young Taiwanese artists are invited to use sound as a creative medium to come up with visions that they have for what is considered avant-garde.