Hidden Island

Mapping with archival 3D scanned model | 12:19-16:58 GMT, 18 March, 2020
River Thames (Hammersmith Bridge), London, UK 
51°29'10.2"N 0°14'53.1"W

Tides are unique temporal environmental phenomena caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, as well as the rotation of the Earth. During my observation in March 2020 along the River Thames, the time span of tidal changes was approximately 4 hours and 17 minutes. This duration is shorter than the minimum time scale within which orbiting satellites can accurately document the ebb and flow, as well as the shifting bank line of the riverside.

In refining a digital geographical representation, I employed photogrammetry technology as a measuring device to document the tidal changes while walking on the tidal zone. However, the optical scanning performance of the measuring tool was disrupted by flux reflections from the flowing river surfaces. Consequently, the observational work unexpectedly revealed a hidden virtual island. This island was recognized and generated by the machine's perspective due to its failure or blind spot in capturing the shifting boundary between the water and the land.

The landscape has gradually decontextualized and morphologically transformed due to the entanglement of both environmental and technological factors in the era of digitalization.