Site in Superposition

Sonic installation | Distance sensor, program, metal structure
Technologist Wu Ping Sheng
Dimensions variable

Sight isolates, whereas sound incorporates; vision is directional, whereas sound is omnidirectional. The sense of sight implies exteriority, but sound creates an experience of interiority.” -Juhani Pallasmaa, ”The eyes of the skin”

Attempting to translate the formless void of spatiality into auditory perception, this experiment aims to revisit a site where its spatial volume is transformed into a waveform.

Site in Superposition comprises a laser distance sensor connected to a sound receiver arranged within a specific space. The distance sensor is mounted on a two-axle rotating base, allowing it to gradually scan through its ambient environment. Based on the real-time distance data from the spatial readings, a series of responsive signals are transmitted to manipulate the sound recordings received. During processing, the system generates a continuous stream of corresponding air particle vibrations that intervene in one's perception of the space.