Now Past Now

Installation | light beam, mirror
Kerry Cliffs, Ireland  
51°53'00.2"N 10°25'10.8"W
Collaborate with Marius Pfennigdorff

The concept of an atmosphere can be understood as a highly divided space in which human-made boundaries subdivide the natural environment through regulation and law.

My focus lies upon the demarcation of time and space as a human-made construction. The invisible division between time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions instead of strictly following longitude. In some areas such as western Ireland, the division of time thus deviates to pass around its national territory. (Coastline)

This project uses light as a vehicle to bridge two western headlands of Ireland at midnight. The light beam strikes from one headland (0 hr) towards another over the North Atlantic Ocean (-1 hr). In a sense, it starts from today, passes through yesterday, and then returns to today again.