Reshaping History

Kinetic installation | Elastic material, mechanical systems, metal structure
Two parts, each: 250 x 160 x 60 cm / 8 min

Reshaping History is a digital landscape attempts to alter or extend the space-time contained in the particular flat but shinning piece of history, creating a new scenery that is independent from reality.

The video consists of a waft of flowing cloud, a piece of enormous rock, and a mechanical structure that is controlled by a special computer program that prompts the morphable, flexible interface to push, contract, flatten, rotate, which makes the waft of cloud to rapidly move at times and to flow according to the traction created at other times. On the other hand, the originally stiff texture of the enormous rock is altered and turns into a soft landscape in motion. Reshaping History extends Eastern landscape’s perspective of not being bounded by physical realness and focuses on its integral notable feature of placing emphasis on subjective reality, as it uses a digital approach to raise questions about our dwelling place and time.