Installation | PVC Sheet, Wood Structure

20 - 30 Oct
W14 0NH Sinclair Road, London, UK 
51°29‘55.1“N 0°12‘43.1“W

Collaborate with
Marius Pfennigdorff


Tunnel - W14 0NH Sinclair Rd

To rethink our relationship to the rest of our environment the concept of Equilibrium emerged, which denotes a state of an ecosystem that is decentralized in its nature by interconnecting all the participants.

The goal of this project is to include the actions of individuals that stand at the boundary between humanity and our environment, seeking to blur the humanmade and the natural world and question their difference as a whole.

This pages provides three perspectives on our relationship to - or within nature and examines the opposing ideas of «unite» and «isolate», of «inside» and «outside».

In nature, boundarie exists and operates dependently. they act not only as a barrier but also a filter, close and open according to certain ambient conditions. Essencially, the boundary has a dual-property of both separation and a combination.

A new perspective might arise from studying biological membranes as mechanisms of exchange and transference. For landscape architect James Corner,

rather than separating boundaries, borders are dynamic membranes through which interactions and diverse transformations occur. In ecological terms, the edge is always the most lively and rich place because it is where the occupants and forces of one system meet and interact with those from another.

Corners method of field operations “enable alternative ideas and effects to be played out through conventional filters and provide ways in which borders (and differences) may be respected and sustained, while potentially productive forces on either side may be brought together into newly created relationships. Thus, we shift
from a world of stable geometric boundaries and distinctions to one of multidimensional transference and network effects.

One aspect of architecutral pratice is seperating space in to habitable and inhabitable space. therefore architecture neccissarily has to deal with the concepts of connecting and dividing. This separation visualises our relationship with nature through our concepts of property. Our home is desigend as one that is devided from nature. It is designed to withstand natural influcences, to protect us from their unpredictability. Architecture offers us a space of predictability.

This installation creates a tunnel connecting the «outsides» to each other, using built forms as a vehicle for deconstructing and reconstructing our physical and psychological perception of our habitations, beyond sovereignty and property. To rethink our built environment and to propose a possibility of coexistence with the non-human by narrowing the boundaries between «inside» and «outside», blurring the barrier between «over here» and «over there».

Equilibrium / « Tunnel - W140NH Sinclair Road »

seeks to identify the common ground shared between humans and nature and use the environment to shape a peaceful coexistence / convergence and solidarity between the two.

After linking two windows, certain conditions changed in that space, such as the utility of the living space (movement, rearrangement to remain functional), the change in atmosphere (fall of temperature, feeling less secure) and the clear boundary between «inside» and «outside».