New Space-Sensory Dimension

Sonic installation | Distance sensor, Program, Metal structure
Technologist Wu Ping Sheng 
Dimensions variable

“Sight isolates, whereas sound incorporates; vision is directional, whereas sound is omnidirectional. The sense of sight implies exteriority, but sound creates an experience of interiority.”

-Juhani Pallasmaa, ”The eyes of the skin”

Turning the intangibility of space into a perceptible sensation, this experiment measure the flux of space dimension and render it into auditory information.

This installation consists of a series of laser distance sensors and microphones within a spatial setting. The individual sensor of the installation is built on a two-axle rotating base enabling the detector unit to gradually scan through its ambient environment and collecting distance data in real-time. Depending on the value of the data, a sequence of signals are transmitted to manipulate the wave forms that microphones monitor at the time, and simultaneously generating a stream of corresponding air particle vibration, or multidirectional sonification. Built on evolving terrain data from a landscape, this system is a attempt that relays a sensational representation of dynamic and fluid spatial condition.