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Extended Self

Kinetic installation | Elastic material, Mechanical systems, Metal structure
Two parts, each: 170 x 150 x 80 cm

Two portraits in the style of conventional social identification are projected on a screen made with soft stretchy fabric. Behind the screen is a mechanical device that is used to transform the flat screen into a transmuting dynamic system. The transmutation prompts new viewing perspectives of the portraits, with the portraits preexisting meaning and identity lost during the process and new self-interpretation and dialectics derived. The projected portraits are put through a cycle of transmutation and restoration, which is an attempt at interfering the audience’s construction of these portraits’ identities.

Extended Self is inspired by social media observations and examines people’s abilities to shape or create themselves through personal social media accounts. People create their virtual selves by selecting information that has been self-approved or purposely edited. Regardless how much it differs from one’s real identity, this virtual identity is an extension of the Self and is interacting and forming relationships with others in the cyber space.